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We give brands the tools to connect

Powering real-time

Fan engagement

with their most passionate fans.


Capture content from all your social channels
in one place - and publish across mobile, tablet
and desktop. FanHub integrates seamlessly
into your existing web presence.


The very best second screen experience for fans,
allowing them to follow their passion wherever they are.
Highlight content from fans, players, brands and media.

How It Works ?

Curate & Aggregate

Automatically capture valuable conversations in real-time
from across the social web. Leverage brand assets and
sponsors, and highlight hashtag campaigns

Clever Stuff

Our manual and automatic algorithms locate and weight fans
and influencers who will add value to your brand stories.
Cut through the chaos - deliver the cheers.


Get your story to the right people - in all the right places.
FanHub publishes beautiful content instantly, across
multiple screens and platforms.

See clearly what your fans are saying

Increase fan engagement with your brand

Boost repeat visitors and increase following

Amplify your conversations

Why you need

Increase fan engagement, amplify your conversations,
see what your fans' are saying and boost repeat
visitors on mobile platforms.

Feed Your Sports and Brand Applications with the Powerful Fandom API

Exciting Social
Sporting Data.

Curated, validated, importance weighted
and geolocated data ready to feed your
web and mobile news and sporting apps.


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