Fandom API

Use your own developers to build real-time website Hubs and widgets – or power your applications with live interactive data and content using our storytelling engine.


  • Fully documented API
  • Creative freedom to tell your story in new, exciting ways
  • Increase dwell time, app engagement, and advertisement activation.

For more details contact us: or get in touch using the form on our Contact page.

Native Ads

Build your own calls to action and turn fans into customers with our repeating ad tiles. Promote your campaign or share the real estate with sponsors.


All content can be opened and interacted with (Share, RT, Like), and users can post to social networks – all without leaving the FanHub.


Build your FanHub and FanStrip with our user friendly dashboard. Fandom makes it simple to discover, curate, aggregate and present the content you want.

Custom Streams

Cut through the chaos of social media and enhance the customer experience by adding custom streams that make it easier than ever for to follow the conversation.


Control what content is displayed using our automated and manual moderation platform. Block profanity, set follower thresholds and highlight influencers.


Gain real insights into the activity on your hub, by tapping into our real-time analytics. See trending content, discover influencers and understand your fans.