For Events

For Events

Events have always been social by their very nature, but today’s events generate more conversation and reach than ever – both on and off-site.

With Fandom’s events solutions, you can engage attendees and virtual viewers, and enrich the experience by amplifying the best voices in real-time, as well as highlighting key speakers and influencers.

Display custom streams and multiple hashtags on our mobile-first FanHub and then archive and embed on your website to deliver a post-event roundup.

Event organisers can monitor and moderate user content in real time, and by using real-time content analysis, they can understand trending topics and react accordingly.

While you have your attendees attention, include custom CTAs or targeted native advertisements to boost conversion, and reward sponsors and partners.

Native Ads

Build your own calls to action and turn fans into customers with our repeating ad tiles. Promote your campaign or share the real estate with sponsors.


All content can be opened and interacted with (Share, RT, Like), and users can post to social networks – all without leaving the FanHub.

Custom Streams

Cut through the chaos of social media and enhance the customer experience by adding custom streams that make it easier than ever for to follow the conversation.


Control what content is displayed using our automated and manual moderation platform. Block profanity, set follower thresholds and highlight influencers.

Create your Fan Hub in less than 5 mins

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Your event. You’re in control

Using our moderation platform to auto-approve posts from selected speakers and trusted users in custom streams, or use our special threshold settings to display only content from influential or popular social accounts.

Filter content by language and block profanity, or manually block or ban unruly users and weed out irrelevant or negative content.